One Word 2018

It's that time of year again - a time for reflection and contemplation on the past year, and a time for setting new goals for a new year.
Calm, and reflective.

The past few Decembers, I've participated in the #onewordONT community, choosing a single word that summarizes my outlook and goals for the next year as I move forward in my professional practice.

For 2015, my word was JUMP - jumping into new adventures and taking risks to try new things.
For 2016, my word was REFLECTION - working more reflection into my practice as a teacher, but also helping my students reflect on their learning.
For 2017, my word was PATIENCE - practicing patience with both myself in learning a new role, and with the process of implementing change. It won't happen overnight.

PATIENCE was a good focus for me this past year as I work my way toward deeper understanding. Coming out of the classroom, I've been involved in many learning opportunities in my new-ish role as a math co-ordinator. The learning curve has been huge in terms of mathematical pedagogy, understanding learning disabilities, concept development in mathematics, the collaborative inquiry process, and how to maneuver through the politics of working with colleagues in a new capacity.

It's one thing to acquire new knowledge, but it's another to have to really think things through from different perspectives, manipulate new concepts to fit non-ideal situations, and actually try out what looks so easy on paper.

In the past month or so, I've started to really focus on putting all that new knowledge into action. I find I'm creating new resources based on what I'm reading, trying new things with students based on what I'm learning from leaders in the field, reaching out and making new connections between teachers.

I want to move from theory to practice; from abstract to concrete, and then back to abstract. I want to continue learning, but then share that learning through many media with anyone else interested in learning along with me.

My focus for 2018, will be to do more of all of the above and put more of what I learn into action. My One Word 2018 is:


  1. Gorgeous, Heather. I really appreciate seeing the progression of your thinking and your learning. Looking forward to hearing how the implementation stage goes.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! It's been an interesting journey, for sure. Looking forward to implementing a lot of neat, innovative things for 2018! (and some music, too!) :) Happy New Year!

  2. Love the word! This makes me think of when we go to conferences and we hear lots of great new ideas, but what do we DO with them? Excited to hear more about what you implement in 2018.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, Aviva! Happy New Year! There is such a great #onted community that all share and build on each other's ideas - I'm hoping I can share and create so I can be a more active part of this process (and deepen my knowledge in doing so!) :)

  3. I like this word! I like the way it says, "Take what you have learned and do something with it!" Sometimes I get busy learning and forget to IMPLEMENT! and I forget to give myself credit for the hard work that comes with implementing new things. Best wishes for a great year of implementing!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! And Happy New Year! What good is knowledge if it's stuck in my head? :D I'm hoping this leads to more frequent blogging, too :)

  4. I am also learning that all the things in your head might be wonderful, but they are useless to others until you do something with them. What a good focus for you for 2018!

    It's nearly time for a one month check in. How is it going for you so far?


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